188C Significant Investor (Provisional) visa

188C Significant Investor Visa

How does Australia’s Significant Investor Visa lead to Permanent Residency and is it a Golden Visa?

Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship through Business Investment is a three stage process available under the Business Innovation and Investment Program, Significant Investor stream:
• Starts with a Provisional 4 year visa under the Business Innovation and Investment significant Investor stream (subclass 188 C); and
• Qualifies for Permanent Residency visa application after 3 years (subclass 888); and
• thereafter, Permanent Residents can apply for Citizenship after 1 year


Defined – Significant Investor Provisional Visa:

Together the 3 steps are a pathway for High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI’s) and their families to gain valuable Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship through a moderate financial investment without restricting their ability to own, operate and manage their Australia and overseas business and investment activities.

This provisional visa is for people who invest at least AUD 5 million in Australian investments that meet certain requirements and maintain investment activity in Australia. Eligibility as follows:

• You must invest at least AUD 5 million in complying significant investments in Australia and meet certain other requirements
• You must be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency or the CEO of Austrade

Note: As at 16 July AUD 5.0M converts to approximately USD 3.42M, EUR 3.0M, CNY 22.35M

What are key requirements of Australia’s significant Investor visa?

• Invest at least AUD 5 Million into complying significant investments in  Australia over 4 years
• Demonstrate commitment to continue business and investment activity in Australia after expiry of the provisional visa
• Be able to verify credentials of your business and investment activities
• Present a business and Investment proposal that has demonstrable benefits to the Nominating State
• Be nominated by a State or Territory Government or Austrade on behalf of the Australian Federal Government
• Reside in the State or Territory of nomination
• Live in Australia for at least 40 days or your spouse to live for at least 180 days per year (calculated cumulatively)
• A nominating State can impose additional requirements to suit its development goals thus comply with any additional requirements of the nominating State

What are the benefits of Australia’s significant visa?

• The right to apply for Australian Permanent Residency
• The right to apply for Australia Citizenship
• No age limitation
• No points test
• No English Language requirement
• Family – spouse and children under 18 years can be included
• Educate your children in Australia
• Establish a new business or acquire and develop an existing business in Australia
• Conduct investment and entrepreneurial activity in Australia
• Transfer lawfully acquired and owned funds to Australia
• Unlimited travel in and out of Australia during your provisional visa
• No restriction on continuing to own, operate and manage your overseas businesses interests
• Minimum stay per year in Australia is 40 days or your spouse 180 days (cumulatively)

How much does the significant visa cost?

Each individual situation can be significantly different and needs to be assessed. As a general indication, excluding travel costs, an applicant with a partner and 2 dependent children is advised to budget for at least expenditure in the range of AUD 70,000 to 85,000 for the following cost items:

• Government visa fees
• Health examinations
• Police security verification
• Pre-application visit to Australia*
• Professional Services – Migration Agent Services
• Professional Services – Migration Law advice*
• Professional Services – Financial & Investment advices*
• Professional Services – Commercial Legal advice*
• Professional Services – Accounting*
• Professional Services – Business advice*
• Translation services*
• Interpreter services (for non-English speakers)*
• Sundry documentation costs

Note: Items identified by * are services that may be necessary in the interest of our clients. Any such expenditures are only undertaken upon the written instructions of our clients and after fixed fee quotations from the panel of professional service providers who are associated with us.

What other services may be need to settle in Australia?

Establishing a business and residential presence in Australia may typically require acquisition or establishment of a business and purchasing or leasing property. Licensed Agents is qualified to provide support your business and property needs.

Licensed Agents is a corporation licensed to provide Property and Business Agent services in the State of NSW under the Property Stock and Business Agents Act. The additional services we provide are entirely at the request of our clients and separate from our Migration services:

• Professional Services – Business Agent & Broker services for business acquisition or establishment
• Professional Services – Property Agent services for property purchases or leasing

Note: Additional services for business acquisition or establishment and property purchase are subject to respective fees and service agreements

What is a “complying” investment for Significant Investor Visa 188C?

Applicants are required to invest at least $5 million in complying investments, which must include:

• At least $500,000 in eligible Australian venture capital or growth private equity (VCPE) fund(s) investing in start-up and small private companies.

• At least $1.5 million in an eligible managed fund(s) or Listed Investment Companies (LICs) that invest in emerging companies; and

• A ‘balancing investment’ of up to $3 million in managed fund(s) or LICs that invest in a combination of eligible assets that include Australian listed securities, eligible corporate bonds or notes, annuities and real property (subject to the 10 per cent limit on residential real estate).

Significant Investor Extension – Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visa 188C

This provisional visa lets holders of a Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188C) Significant Investor stream holders extend their stay in Australia for up to 4 more years. Eligibility as follows:

  • Extend your stay for up to 4 more years. This means you can stay in Australia for a total of 8 years from the date of grant of your Subclass 188 visa in the Significant Investor stream
  • You must hold a Subclass 188C visa in the Significant Investor stream for at least 3 years, or a Subclass 188C visa in the Significant Investor Extension stream
  • You cannot have held more than 1 Subclass 188C visa in the Significant Investor Extension stream
  • You must be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency or the CEO of Austrade

What is the best way to get started?

Engaging LICENSED AGENTS to conduct a comprehensive assessment is a smart way to get started. Our online questionnaire is a convenient and efficient means to complete, submit and securely pay for the initial assessment. For a relatively modest fee applicants get a professional opinion to help them make an informed decision to proceed, therefore, reducing the risk of unnecessary expenditure, wasted time and disappointment.

We assess the potential to satisfy entry requirements for the State of your choice as well as the State where you are most likely to gain approval. Our standard fee covers assessment for all States and Territories.

If you require any clarification, have questions, assistance to complete the questionnaire or want to have the assessment conducted outside the online questionnaire please CONTACT US

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