407 Training visa

training visa

What is Training Visa?

This training visa enables you to work for your sponsor in your profession, while participating in an organized training program provided by your employer.

How You Qualify for a Training Visa?

You can qualify for a training visa under three streams:

  • Occupational Training on Workplace Base
    Aspirants with necessary qualifications or work experience wish to enhance their expertise or skills on their current profession, area of domain expertise/study.
  • Capacity Building Training on OverseasAspirants who wish to enroll on professional development training programme, students who wish to go internship as part of their qualification. And government supported work-place trainees.
  • Work Based Training
    Aspirants who wish to get registration or a license as part of their occupational needs.

Australian Training Visa (Class 407) – Offers:

  • You can apply for the visa from both offshore and onshore training.
  • Depending on the length of your training period, you can live and work in Australia.
  • You can also include family members.


Summary – Training Visa

The Training visa (subclass 407) is for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to participate in occupational training or professional development. There are three types of occupational training covered by this visa:
Workplace-based training required for registration, structured workplace-based training to enhance skills in an eligible occupation & training that promotes capacity building overseas.



Note: Fill in questionnaire below for required streams. Attach your CV, Financial Statements and other information you think may be relevant. Complete declaration accepting terms and conditions and Submit | Pay Fee (We will assess the most suitable visa stream for you)