408 Temporary Activity visa

Temporary Activity Visa – What is it?

Temporary Activity Visa enables people who want to come to australia for a temporary period for the purpose of one of the following activities:

Temporary Activity Visa Advantages
Temporary Activity Visa are facilitate by us in a professional manner for international people. Our personalised service and experience enables you to get the Temporary Activity Visa in lesser processing time.

  • Invited Participants from an Australian organisation. In social or cultural events limited upto 3 months stay. Events can be sports, religious, conferences, social community etc.,
  • TExchange talent – A skilled worker on a reciprocal staff exchange arrangement.
  • Researcher – Observe or participate in australian research projects upon invitation request.
  • Domestic Worker – To work for foreign executives full-time.

Study Related Activity

Allows entry to Australia on a temporary basis for a wide range of activities including study and educational activities such as: participate in activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation, participate or observe in an Australian research project, work in a skilled position under a staff exchange arrangement, participate in approved special program, participate in a government endorsed event etc.

    • Get Assessed AUD $350


Note: Fill in questionnaire below for required streams. Attach your CV, Financial Statements and other information you think may be relevant. Complete declaration accepting terms and conditions and Submit | Pay Fee (We will assess the most suitable visa stream for you)