Property Lease

We are “business people” we know what it takes to get market returns, maintain value of assets, start-up and grow businesses, project a positive business image, retain staff and protect business reputation.


The right business image, good working environment and long term value value locked into a lease will have beneficial bottom line impact for both the owners and tenants. Our professional competence, business knowhow and experience ensure both owner and tenant expectations are well managed to their mutual benefit

Our requirements based approach means we only undertake assignments where a clear requirement specification is established and we have the competency to satisfy such requirements. With real business experience we are well credentialed to align with the needs of owners and tenants and we aim to ensure a sustainable business value proposition for both parties

Locking in long-term benefit for either party starts with our initial assessment leading to a clear requirement specification

If you are an Owner we commence with our property appraisal and condition report including advice on presentation aspects from a marketing perspective. Taking into consideration your objectives a target lessee profile and marketing strategy aligned to reach target is developed. Marketing plan is developed and executed. Close liaison with Owner is maintained with regular updates. Where a preferred Lessee is identified we engage both parties and as instructed by our client to achieve agreement

If you are a Lessee depending on the requirement specification we develop a target property profile and a marketing strategy to achieve agreed objectives. A search and capture plan is developed and executed. Close liaison is maintained and a leads develop and in accordance with our client instructions we engage with both sides to achieve agreement

Sustainable business outcome achieved in alignment with agreed requirement specifications