Property Redevelopment

Zoning, regulatory and infrastructre changes can increase the development potential of older localities. If you own propety in such a locality you and your neighbours could benefit


Property location and age may provide a path to “cash-in”
on Sydney’s development boom. If you are contemplating selling your older house, apartment, factory or land, your property may be worth more as part of a development site. We guide you and your neighbors to unlock the hidden value of your potential development site

Population growth, urban consolidation and expanding public transport are mega trends driving Sydney’s zoning and regulatory changes, therefore demand for development sites also. Where necessary preconditions exist, creating a development site or redevelopment opportunity potentially increases the collective value of all associated properties.

Commencing with an owner or Body Corp representative (lead party) and our on-line questionnaire we make an initial assessment. Thereafter we seek dialogue with stakeholders. Where consensus is reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is proposed enabling proposition to be progress to a state of readiness. Thereafter, agreement for sale of properties is completed enabling, marketing and sale to proceed by Private Treaty, Auction or Tender as defined in the Agreement. Our preferred method is sale by Tender.

Sale outcome can be achieved at a price premium that exceeds the estimated market price of individual property lots.